Token Liquidity Plummets Leaving Bag Holders High and Dry

Despite cryptocurrency prices having plunged 80-95% from the start of the year, traders aren’t taking a punt on the bargain. Token volumes have plummeted across major exchanges with 60% of listed cryptocurrencies trading below January levels. Order books are now filled to the brim on the sell side with November, to date, seeing an acceleration in depreciating volumes.

Crypto Exchange Funding Passes $1Bn Mark Post Coinbase Mega Raise

Cryptocurrency exchanges, both centralized and decenatralized, have now breached the $1Bn mark in funding. Last week saw Coinbase’s total capital raised soar past $500Mn having successfully cornered over a third of US market trading volume this year nearing $220Bn from exchanges with fiat on-ramps. Backers though will now want to see more increased trading activity, the primary income source.

Coinbase Vies for Binance, Huobi Traders with Paradex Listings

Over 50% of traded volumes on cryptocurrency markets revolve around the majors, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. However, the market downfall is taking major US exchanges in its wake. Traded volumes on Coinbase, Bitstamp and Kraken have seen steep declines. Meanwhile, token exchanges outside the US, that have lax regulator scrutiny, are now seeing an increase in traded volume with the majors.