CoinAPI August updates: Use Cases, Technical Tutorials and EMS Trading API introduction

EMS Trading API introduction

Welcome to our August release notes. This month we’re excited to present a few advancements that will further enrich your experience with CoinAPI. We’re spotlighting three major updates: an introduction of CoinAPI’s use cases, a series of in-depth technical tutorials in our documentation, and the introduction of our EMS Trading API that will be released soon. Venture further to explore all the changes we’ve rolled out in this update.

Use cases

Every day, we get the chance to work with customers from various industries, each facing their unique challenges in the world of cryptocurrency. We have gained significant knowledge from our partnerships, and we would like to share our experiences with you. Our latest section, “Use Case,” showcases the challenges and issues we have resolved and the achievements we have accomplished. Head on over and check out our new Use Cases section. 

Technical tutorials 

This month, we’re proud to unveil a comprehensive set of technical tutorials, emphasizing the depth and breadth of functionalities available on the CoinAPI platform. These tutorials have been crafted to guide both beginners and experts through the usage of our API. 

All the tutorials can be found in our documentation.

Acquire exchange rates with different programming languages

Learn to seamlessly fetch current cryptocurrency exchange rates across various languages, enabling you to integrate this vital data into your applications regardless of your coding expertise.

Building a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Using React and CoinAPI

 Dive into the process of constructing a dynamic crypto portfolio tracker using React, leveraging CoinAPI’s vast data repositories to stay updated with real-time changes in your investments.

Fetching market data with KNIME

Discover the potential of using KNIME’s data analytics capabilities in conjunction with CoinAPI to gain valuable insights into the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency.

Get Historical OHLCV Data Using CoinAPI

Unlock insights from the past by efficiently fetching historical OHLCV data from CoinAPI, enhancing your cryptocurrency analysis and predictions.

Import data to Google Sheets/Excel

Streamline the process of importing cryptocurrency data directly into Google Sheets or Excel, enabling effortless analysis and report generation at your fingertips.

Real-time data visualization with javascript

Discover how to visually represent live cryptocurrency data using JavaScript, enhancing your platform’s user experience with interactive and up-to-the-minute visualizations.

Real-time trades stream using WebSocket with different languages

Delve into the real-time world of cryptocurrency trades using WebSockets; this guide walks you through establishing live trade streams across various programming languages for instant updates.

Coming soon: EMS Trading API

The excitement in our community is rising and for good reason. We’re soon launching the EMS Trading API—a game-changer for crypto traders. 

What to Expect from the EMS Trading API? Read this ultimate guide to EMS Trading API. 

Our team’s working hard on the final touches, and we’ll be supporting you all the way with guides and tutorials. Stay tuned for this major step forward in crypto trading.