What are the differences between CoinAPI’s free and paid plans?

What are the differences between CoinAPI's free and paid plans?

What are the differences between CoinAPI Free, Startup, Streamer, and Enterprise plans? A lot of people wonder what they get on the free plan that they won’t on the paid one. One company may choose a free plan with limited features, while another opts for a paid plan with premium features and services. Knowing which option best suits your business model can have a significant impact on your success rate. Understanding these pros and cons will help you decide if the free vs paid plan structure best fits your needs.

Does it make sense to stick to the free plan or pay for a premium subscription? What are the differences between CoinAPI’s free and paid plans? Let’s find out today and see what are the main differences between each of the plans. 

Know the differences between free and paid plans

The first step towards choosing the right plan for your business is understanding the differences between free and paid plans. In fact, we can divide CoinAPI plans into three main segments: 

  • Free, 
  • Paid (Startup, Streamer, Professional) 
  • Enterprise

The higher the bundle, the wider the access to WebSocket, while the FIX protocol is only available in the professional/enterprise plan. Tiers are for people to be able to pay for a larger quota of requests and have them cheaper. The higher up, the daily requests are cheaper. 

Each plan has a limit, but we have the possibility of overage, then in case, the customer exceeds the limit he pays extra for it. 

Free plan

On the free plan, you have a limit of 100 daily requests, and you don’t have an access to WebSocket or FIX protocol. It’s a good idea to start with this plan if you don’t have a clear idea of how many requests you will need for your project. 

Another reason to go for the free plan is if you’re launching your business and are not sure how much of an impact daily requests will have on your bottom line. It’s better to keep your expenses to a minimum at this stage. If the free plan doesn’t allow you to send enough requests to see if it makes sense to spend more on a paid plan, then you know it’s not the right fit for you. 

One of the main advantages of a free plan is the reduced cost. This can come in handy for startups and businesses that are just getting started and don’t have the capital to fork over paid plans. 

If you are beginning with your project or just want to test something about crypto a free plan is the best option for you. You can test as many project ideas as you want on the free plan. You’ll just have to be extra careful not to go over your limits. The free plan has a detailed breakdown that shows you how you can use market data in your product or service. 

CoinAPI paid plan

What is the main reason why customers choose paid plan rather than a free one? That would mainly be the increase of daily REST limits and also WebSocket access. 

The paid plan comes with a bunch of extra features that the free plan doesn’t have. For example, you’ll get access to email support, more daily requests, and trades/quotes information. 

The CoinAPI Startup plan is a paid subscription that allows you to send up to 1000 requests per day. You will also have email support available to you.

If someone needs more requests, they can go up, or if they need real-time data, they can use WebSocket. This data is constantly streamed and is available on the following tier, which is a streamer plan.

The CoinAPI Streamer plan includes 10k requests per day as well as WebSocket access to trades/quotes.

The CoinAPI Professional plan gives you 100k requests per day and full access to WebSocket, which means you can access trades/quotes/order books as well as the FIX protocol.

What are the differences between CoinAPI’s free and paid plans?

The free plan is definitely the bare minimum. The paid plan has everything you need to run your product development. So, what features are only available on the paid plan, and which ones are available on the free one? 

The main differences are as follows: 

Support team: On the free plan, you’ll not have the possibility to talk with our support department to ask for any help. The paid plan will let you dispel any doubts with our support team.

Daily limits requests: You can segment your subscribers on the free plan. However, it won’t be as precise as it is on the paid plan.

The number of protocols: On the free plan, you can have a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. The paid plan doesn’t have any limits.

Advanced features: While the free plan has some advanced features as well, they are limited. 

CoinAPI Enterprise plan 

The enterprise gives you full access to all of CoinAPI’s tools. CoinAPI Enterprise plan is a plan that gives you access to dedicated support from experts who can help you with your product requirements. You also get access to all of CoinAPI’s tools, but with no limits. What’s really cool about this plan is that you don’t have to worry about the daily limit or any specific features you would like to use. Critical features include: 

History data in flat files

Tick-by-Tick Order Book L2

Dedicated infrastructure

Custom API features

Highest priority support

Integration Assistance

SLA measured by Third Party

Legal terms

Roadmap Assurance

Custom limits or unlimited usage

Enterprise is a completely different category because here we can get along on a completely custom service, make changes to the infrastructure, custom legal terms (e.g. SLA) we can implement metrics here, help with integration, can provide support at different hours, can issue dedicated infrastructure, custom features and provide historical data in other ways. 

In Streamer you have 10k per day, you have access to trades/quotes in Websocket, and in Professional you have access to the FIX protocol.  

Which is better for your business?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends on your business model and target audience. Before making a decision, you should take the following factors into consideration.  How many customers do you expect to sign up for your product? A free plan might be a good choice if you’re expecting a low number of customers, but it could be detrimental if you attract too many. 

How much money do you need to make your product profitable? This could be a deciding factor in choosing between a free or paid plan. Do you see your product expanding in the future? While free plans can help you gain a wide customer base, paid plans can help you grow that base by providing better customer service.

It’s important to choose the right service for your market data API. You want to make sure that it’s easy to use and has enough features for you to run a successful project. The free version of CoinAPI is a great place to start, but If you have enough data to prove that your project is successful, it makes sense to upgrade to the pro plan. 

Still curious which plan best suits you? Please visit our pricing plan comparison to select the best option.