Cryptocurrency data: How to extract market data and use it for your advantage in Trading

We are living in a century of data. Why market data is relevant for professional traders, how they use it and how you can use it too.

Trading is not a black box as it is often seen. “Buy low, sell high” is an advice that is often given but not very useful for beginners.

Many traders rely on real-time market data that they extract for their special purpose. Based on the data they extracted from different exchanges about different currencies and tokens, they can perform further analysis on them.

Manual vs. Automatic market data collection

There is a big difference in the grade of automation between trading strategies. Some traders rely on real-time data that they directly see on, e.g., exchanges. They have an eye on many different sources at a time and try to find the right trading opportunities by capturing as much information as possible.

On the other hand, traders are using specialized services like CoinAPI to receive their market data in almost real-time. Those services are connected to various exchanges and data sources and aggregate them. The trader can then simply connect to the service and get all market data together from one provider. If the programming interface of an exchange changes, the service takes care of it and provide the trader with the data.

Easier data integration with CoinAPI for cryptocurrency traders

CoinAPI is focused on traders who want to leverage the potential of market data. Instead of focusing on programming and connecting interfaces, it allows the trader to focus on his main specialty and passion: trading. CoinAPI can, therefore, be integrated into almost any tool since the programming interface (API) is designed in a group way and not bound to one single tool. A developer can tailor the data feed to the trader’s needs and extract the exact data that is necessary or do special calculations based on them.

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